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We left the (probably angry) dog with my mother-in-law and went up to Massachusetts so Dave could show me around his old college town, so I could see where all the “magic” happened. By magic, I mean immoral self indulgence and illegal activities.

Our plan was to backpack the White Mountains of New Hampshire via the Airline trail. We took the well known and bewitching Kancamangus Highway. I was praying the entire time to see a moose (I love those gangly things) – with road signs staked everywhere telling you you’re driving through a moose crossing, you’d think those gangly oversized twig-eaters would be considerate enough to use the crosswalk for my viewing pleasure.

We got to the trailhead and saw that only one of my shoes was in the truck. A nearly 10-mile hike with only one good shoe; my silly husband had inadvertently taken the other one out of the truck for no apparent reason. No hike for us. He made it up to me by building a fire at our alternative campground (one that did not require hiking to) and taking me out moose hunting all evening. Still no damn moose.

Boston, onward!

Boston is a gorgeous town. Despite being way too busy, inhabiting the most crazed and frenzied drivers in the country who would be willing to kill you just for the sake of having one less car to deal with on the road, and of course, their fanatic Red Sox fans, I kind of like Boston. Other than these minor annoyances, Boston makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a bustling European city. Its old architecture is wonderfully maintained, the old buildings have soul.

Then, there’s Cambridge. Home of elite MIT University. Just walking around, I sensed that I was, by far, the intellectual inferior amongst everyone around me. My favorite thing about MIT? The awesome pranks. These guys really put some thought and labor into these elaborate pranks. Impressive wouldn’t begin to cover it. If you have two seconds left to live, click on the link – it’s well worth the time.

Boston is a black hole, though. Trying to just get out of the city was virtually impossible. It took us 1 1/2 hours just to navigate ourselves onto a street that enabled us to exit the heart of the city. Don’t go to Boston if you have any kind of time limitation. Give yourself a solid two weeks here; a few days to learn how to drive in Boston, a week to see the sights and eat some fantastic food, leaving the last several days as a buffer for escaping the city.

Yes, there may have been a fender-bender in Boston. To my credit, I was the rear-ended. Does that make me the better driver? Maybe. Does that make my truck look even more like it belongs in a derby race? Yes.

Tip: don’t get married in a foreign country if you plan on getting into a car accident. Dealing with insurance companies and having to answer questions like: “I know, you’d think my husband and I would have the same address”, or “Well, we haven’t joined insurance plans because I’m not even sure we’re legally married in this country.” I think that now brings my total to being rear-ended 4 times now. My poor bumper never saw it coming. The insurance agent said it must be the nicest looking part of the truck. Well said insurance agent, well said.




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3 thoughts on “A Blog From the Road

  1. Clever, very clever. Tempting your readers with a link about pranks and then leaving us hanging. Almost MIT-worthy 🙂

    I’m glad you and Dave are having a good time – the dogs (and their people) miss you both – and Spenser’s dreadfully bored without the continual fun of harassing the Fluff.

    1. Ah! Thanks for pointing that out! I actually didn’t MEAN to be very, very clever…I can take no credit. The link is up, by the way. 🙂

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