Just Mostly Photos from McM to Give You an Idea…

Observation Hill.

The Dave. With ice drill in hand.

Things have been quiet down here at the bottom of the planet.

We celebrated the nearly 2000 year old festival of Halloween (Catholic usurped Celtic holiday Samhain) down here by piecemealing our costumes together by Skua-Diving.  Named after the South polar skua, a local seabird bird that tends to partake in thievery. I’m thinking that Skua, the practice down here of donating your things to the community for others to freely use, is to prevent this kind of Audubon-theft.

Ben, he’s the snow cone. And Liz, she’s the pretty zebra.


The beloved FSTP (Field Safety Training Program) guys had the great idea of going to the Halloween Costume Competition as the PQ Process. For those of you who bumped into us the months preceding getting hired with the Antarctic Program, you saw our pain while we braved the paper waters of the infamous PQ Process. For those of you who are unaware, it was a multiple-month long joke filled with faxed, emailed, snail-mailed, scanned, lost, found, lost again, denied, claimed never received; onslaught of paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. Needless to say, they won the competition, even against some very elaborate and dramatic costumes. Guess it was camaraderie for McMurdo staff.

I’d say the most exciting thing to happen was the election. People down here were pretty absorbed in it. There was a ton of celebrating (with a tiny bit of whining) in regards to the outcome. Most people here are pretty liberal, so overall there was a wave of euphoria that swept across Mac Town. Champagne and wine to usher in the next four years! Dodged a Mormon-bullet. I like the crazy notion that religion and government should be separate. Call me nuts.

Dave finally made it out to the deep field camp, WAIS. West Antarctic Ice Shelf. He’ll be living in the lap of tent luxury and shower-free accommodations until they deem him suitably smelly enough to leave. Who knows when that’ll be! He’s almost as far away as South Pole.

Ma, you were wondering what our living accommodations looked like, here’s a photo of the Hotel Ritz.

What you can’t see in these pictures are my numerous photos taped up everywhere of The Fluff. Seeing her furry face always makes me smile – dammit I miss her!





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