Some Incredible Photos from Science Group B-174 – They Were Kind Enough to Share!

I wish we could take credit for these amazing pictures – nonetheless, I wanted to post them in order to demonstrate how beautiful this continent is. I know there are some of you out there who think we’re nuts or who can’t see the appeal. Maybe these will do our lifestyle some justice.

These little guys are Adélie penguins. They’re goofy and curious. They were Scott’s favorite Antarctican creature; he was always having to save them from the reach of his sled dogs because of their perpetual insistence to get just a little too close. They’re notorious for stealing rocks from one another during mating season and for shoving the penguin in the front of the group into the water to test it out for Leopard seals. Just a little flap of a flipper and the poor devil closest to the waters edge gets to be the bait. Devious.

One of the research groups was tagging a unique subspecies of Orca, only found in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica.

Spy hopping.

Penguin tracks.

Ice cave.

Iceberg, straight ahead!

Emperor penguins.

The beautiful Adélie.

More Adélies.

Adélies snooping around the science gear.

See the ones in the back; when they walk, they hold their flippers outstretched and waddle. Usually tripping a bit along the way. It makes them all the more endearing. Stealing one of these guys and taking him home might be worth the prison sentence.

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