Let Me Explain

The last blog post was a year ago, I know.  I hadn’t planned on continuing to update the blog but recently I had a change of heart. I had received emails from people following the blog inquiring about what we were up to now, whether or not we were okay and where we were currently at on the planet. I can’t express how touched I was that complete strangers had expressed concern for our wellbeing. The reason I had originally decided to let the blog fall to the wayside was because of my shortage of ease with putting our lives out there, for all the world to see. I was leery of inviting creeps into our lives.

Providentially, the universe gave me assurance. Instead of bringing negativity into our lives, it instead brought hope. I know we all fall victim to feeling like the world is becoming more disquieting, we’re all bombarded with images and news of terrible things. It’s easy to lose sight of all the people doing good things. It often seems so unbalanced.

These emails were a reminder to me that I shouldn’t approach things with trepidation and worry. Instead, I need to always go forward assuming there is a decent human being on the other side of the door, because I think this is mostly true. I hope that others can also approach life this way. Instead of us fearing and despising one another (which seems to be an increasing sentiment), remember that we’re all just solitary souls trying to find our way through this life, longing to find peace and comfort.

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