Red Earth & Kangaroos

We had been on the ice for about eleven months straight. That’s five months of twenty-four hour daylight, roughly four months of twenty-four hour night and two months of frequent sunrises and sunsets. In my opinion, this experience has been like spending eleven months on an alien planet. Since we had already committed to anotherContinue reading “Red Earth & Kangaroos”

‘Grand Designs Live’ Posted Our Story on Building a House!

Check it out at Grand Designs Live or read below: “My wife and I have had the dream of building our own home for several years.  We have been living a somewhat gypsy lifestyle for the past seven years and have been working in Antarctica at McMurdo Station for the past five which requires us toContinue reading “‘Grand Designs Live’ Posted Our Story on Building a House!”

Inspiring Traveler Interview on Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat. Blog

I was asked to be a part of an interview on a traveling blog, Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat. The interview asks about my experience and thoughts living and working in Antarctica. Click here to read the interview or just scroll down to read below. While you’re there, check out the blog! There are a lotContinue reading “Inspiring Traveler Interview on Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat. Blog”

A Winter in Antarctica

This marks year #4 for us working with the Antarctic Support Contract – and we’re now looking at less than a week left for our fifth season and concurrently, first winter. At this point, the program is like home to us – for better or worse (mostly better). We function with ease in McMurdo whileContinue reading “A Winter in Antarctica”

Our Interview on 2 Drinks and a Chat Podcast

A few weeks ago we were asked to be interviewed for a podcast that the wonderful Keri Nelson creates on station. She’s interviewed close to ten people this winter, each with their own unique and appealing story. One gal, Renee, was interviewed about her harrowing experience being in the mountains of Tibet during the magnitudeContinue reading “Our Interview on 2 Drinks and a Chat Podcast”

Alright – Let’s Talk About the House Project

We didn’t travel last season because we had aspirations to get back to our land and begin work on the preliminary infrastructure. We purchased a mid-sized travel trailer so we would have something to live in. It was reminiscent of living on our boat, only much more accommodating. For instance, we have a full sizedContinue reading “Alright – Let’s Talk About the House Project”