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Red Earth & Kangaroos

We had been on the ice for about eleven months straight. That’s five months of twenty-four hour daylight, roughly four months of twenty-four hour night and two months of frequent sunrises and sunsets. In my opinion, this experience has been like spending eleven months on an alien planet. Since we had already committed to anotherContinue reading “Red Earth & Kangaroos”

A Winter in Antarctica

This marks year #4 for us working with the Antarctic Support Contract – and we’re now looking at less than a week left for our fifth season and concurrently, first winter. At this point, the program is like home to us – for better or worse (mostly better). We function with ease in McMurdo whileContinue reading “A Winter in Antarctica”

Let Me Explain

The last blog post was a year ago, I know.  I hadn’t planned on continuing to update the blog but recently I had a change of heart. I had received emails from people following the blog inquiring about what we were up to now, whether or not we were okay and where we were currentlyContinue reading “Let Me Explain”

Planes, Trains and Automobiles in SE Asia (and scooters and ferries and tuk tuks and song taos and bikes and…)

At the end of our week in New Zealand, after completing our medical exams for yet another season to be spent in Antarctica,  we boarded an Emirates 777 and flew up to Thailand by way of Sydney. Dave’s two favorite airlines are Emirates and Qantas; (1) they actually treat you like human beings and (2) internationalContinue reading “Planes, Trains and Automobiles in SE Asia (and scooters and ferries and tuk tuks and song taos and bikes and…)”

A Remote Cabin in the Cascades of Washington to the Pacific Coastal Highway.

Our time spent at Goldmyer was amazing. Two months of living in a remote cabin nestled deep in the Cascades Mountains. Our neighbors were a river, a rocky peak, a waterfall and the hot springs – oh, and plenty of naked people. Did I forget to mention that? Because it was my first hot springContinue reading “A Remote Cabin in the Cascades of Washington to the Pacific Coastal Highway.”

The Tent Life

Our life is odd. I know this. It’s something I’ve always longed for and now that I’m in it, it’s kind of hard to grasp, conceptually. I find myself wondering what my family and friends must think of everything. Do they think we’re batshit crazy? Maybe they think we’re doing everything in our power toContinue reading “The Tent Life”

Field Camps in Antarctica

Here are Dave’s pictures from all the field camps that he’s been to. Everything from flat-white deep field to the scenic terrain of the Dry Valleys. Take it Dave! “So in the past couple of months, I’ve been sent out to three deep field locations called WAIS, Byrd Camp and Siple Dome. I also wasContinue reading “Field Camps in Antarctica”

Some Incredible Photos from Science Group B-174 – They Were Kind Enough to Share!

I wish we could take credit for these amazing pictures – nonetheless, I wanted to post them in order to demonstrate how beautiful this continent is. I know there are some of you out there who think we’re nuts or who can’t see the appeal. Maybe these will do our lifestyle some justice. These little guysContinue reading “Some Incredible Photos from Science Group B-174 – They Were Kind Enough to Share!”

Mischief in McMurdo

Dave got back safe and sound from WAIS deep field camp. When asked to describe his thoughts on camp, it pretty much summed up to “flat and white.” I’ll post some pictures for it next time. He made it back in time for Thanksgiving – yay! We celebrated Mashed Potatoes Day with the FSTP crew.Continue reading “Mischief in McMurdo”

Just Mostly Photos from McM to Give You an Idea…

Observation Hill. The Dave. With ice drill in hand. Things have been quiet down here at the bottom of the planet. We celebrated the nearly 2000 year old festival of Halloween (Catholic usurped Celtic holiday Samhain) down here by piecemealing our costumes together by Skua-Diving.  Named after the South polar skua, a local seabird bird thatContinue reading “Just Mostly Photos from McM to Give You an Idea…”

Ice Fishing in Antarctica

I signed up to be a Hut Guide. I listened to a seminar presented by the National Science Foundation on rules and regulations of historic huts; all of the ‘don’t do this’ and ‘you can’t do that’, then got to go inside Discovery Hut. It was erected in 1902 by Robert Scott during the Discovery Expedition. It was known forContinue reading “Ice Fishing in Antarctica”

Life at McMurdo

We’ve had a lot of people asking us the basic questions; how’s the food, living conditions, day-to-day life. So, here it is in a nutshell. Everyone works (for the most part) six days a week, Monday – Saturday. The majority of McMurdo has Sundays off – so Sundays are kind of a big deal aroundContinue reading “Life at McMurdo”

Destination: Antarctica

Our trip back to Arizona wasn’t focused on outdoor play like we had hoped, mostly due to the fact that every time we made plans to get out and goof around we would have to reply to urgent emails titled, “WE NEED IN 48 HOURS” demanding paperwork for our new jobs. “New jobs?” you say.Continue reading “Destination: Antarctica”

A Blog From the Road

We left the (probably angry) dog with my mother-in-law and went up to Massachusetts so Dave could show me around his old college town, so I could see where all the “magic” happened. By magic, I mean immoral self indulgence and illegal activities. Our plan was to backpack the White Mountains of New Hampshire via theContinue reading “A Blog From the Road”

Too Many Shades of Grey

There are a few things I’ve learned by visiting New York City. Lesson one; it’s loud. Really loud. I don’t know how people live in a place with so much noise pollution. It’s constant and it’s deafening. The bizarre thing about this it that people in New York City don’t have any clue what I’mContinue reading “Too Many Shades of Grey”


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