Our Interview on 2 Drinks and a Chat Podcast

A few weeks ago we were asked to be interviewed for a podcast that the wonderful Keri Nelson creates on station. She’s interviewed close to ten people this winter, each with their own unique and appealing story. One gal, Renee, was interviewed about her harrowing experience being in the mountains of Tibet during the magnitudeContinue reading “Our Interview on 2 Drinks and a Chat Podcast”

A Remote Cabin in the Cascades of Washington to the Pacific Coastal Highway.

Our time spent at Goldmyer was amazing. Two months of living in a remote cabin nestled deep in the Cascades Mountains. Our neighbors were a river, a rocky peak, a waterfall and the hot springs – oh, and plenty of naked people. Did I forget to mention that? Because it was my first hot springContinue reading “A Remote Cabin in the Cascades of Washington to the Pacific Coastal Highway.”

The Tent Life

Our life is odd. I know this. It’s something I’ve always longed for and now that I’m in it, it’s kind of hard to grasp, conceptually. I find myself wondering what my family and friends must think of everything. Do they think we’re batshit crazy? Maybe they think we’re doing everything in our power toContinue reading “The Tent Life”

Dirty Paws and Fat Tire

We had intended on doing some climbing in North Carolina, only I succeeded in dislocating my thumb temporarily. We figured, instead, we’d do some backpacking, give it some time to heal. We packed up enough food/clothing/supplies to be out in the boonies for at least a few days. The Piscah National Forest is beautiful. WeContinue reading “Dirty Paws and Fat Tire”