Red Earth & Kangaroos

We had been on the ice for about eleven months straight. That’s five months of twenty-four hour daylight, roughly four months of twenty-four hour night and two months of frequent sunrises and sunsets. In my opinion, this experience has been like spending eleven months on an alien planet. Since we had already committed to anotherContinue reading “Red Earth & Kangaroos”

Inspiring Traveler Interview on Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat. Blog

I was asked to be a part of an interview on a traveling blog, Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat. The interview asks about my experience and thoughts living and working in Antarctica. Click here to read the interview or just scroll down to read below. While you’re there, check out the blog! There are a lotContinue reading “Inspiring Traveler Interview on Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat. Blog”

A Winter in Antarctica

This marks year #4 for us working with the Antarctic Support Contract – and we’re now looking at less than a week left for our fifth season and concurrently, first winter. At this point, the program is like home to us – for better or worse (mostly better). We function with ease in McMurdo whileContinue reading “A Winter in Antarctica”

A Summer of Loss and Luck

There’s a saying in McMurdo…The 1st year you do it for the experience, the 2nd year you do it for the money, the 3rd year you do it because you don’t know what else to do. That about sums it up. We were surprised at how unexpected it seemed to be for so many people when theyContinue reading “A Summer of Loss and Luck”

A Recap of Our 2nd Season in Antarctica

Below all the text, there are various photos from this season. Dave did the honor of writing the blog. Dave: “When we last left you we had been travelling down the Pacific Coast Highway from Oregon down to California which was an absolutely amazing journey.  By the time we made it back to Arizona weContinue reading “A Recap of Our 2nd Season in Antarctica”

New Zealand – Land of the Kiwis and Hobbits.

So we haven’t made any blog updates in quite some time however we can assure you that we are doing fine.  We’ve been rather busy and for awhile there we did not have access to both the internet and our computers.  So, we’ll try our best to update you so this post may be a bit longerContinue reading “New Zealand – Land of the Kiwis and Hobbits.”