Field Camps in Antarctica

Here are Dave’s pictures from all the field camps that he’s been to. Everything from flat-white deep field to the scenic terrain of the Dry Valleys. Take it Dave! “So in the past couple of months, I’ve been sent out to three deep field locations called WAIS, Byrd Camp and Siple Dome. I also wasContinue reading “Field Camps in Antarctica”

Just Mostly Photos from McM to Give You an Idea…

Observation Hill. The Dave. With ice drill in hand. Things have been quiet down here at the bottom of the planet. We celebrated the nearly 2000 year old festival of Halloween (Catholic usurped Celtic holiday Samhain) down here by piecemealing our costumes together by Skua-Diving.  Named after the South polar skua, a local seabird bird thatContinue reading “Just Mostly Photos from McM to Give You an Idea…”